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Rosemont expands its offering with portfolio acquisition from Essential Pharma

Posted on 8 December 2021

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals has completed the acquisition of Essential Pharma Liquids Limited from Essential Pharmaceuticals Limited. Through this acquisition Rosemont Pharmaceuticals will expand its existing portfolio and continue to provide lifesaving pharmaceuticals to the UK and overseas markets.

As a result of the completed acquisition Rosemont Pharmaceuticals acquires Essential Pharma Liquids Limited’s portfolio which contains the licences, registrations, trademarks and related commercial rights of 14 branded and generic products. The products are already widely used to treat a broad range of conditions in various therapeutic areas and the portfolio includes products licensed in the UK and a number of EEA countries including the Republic of Ireland, Austria and Norway.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals has also divested Yorkdale Pharma Limited to Essential Holdings Limited. Yorkdale Pharma Limited holds a portfolio of 5 products which are being divested in order to streamline Rosemont Pharmaceutical’s existing portfolio.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals is a UK based manufacturer of medicines with over 50 years’ experience providing an extensive range of prescription medicines. Rosemont Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Inflexion Private Equity Partners in June 2020.  

Essential Pharma is an international speciality pharmaceutical company dedicated to maintaining access to medicines for patients across multiple therapeutic areas. The company has been an important and valued partner to healthcare providers for over 20 years by giving patients access to medicines that would otherwise would not be available.

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