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Rosemont Pharmaceuticals are pleased to announce a strategic partnership deal with Jacobson Pharma Corporation (Hong Kong)

Rosemont - Jacobson Partnership Rosemont - Jacobson Partnership

The agreement was signed at the Jacobson headquarters in Hong Kong by Mark Vallance, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals’ Head of International Sales and Kenneth Chan, Senior Vice President.

List of those pictured from left to right: Laszlo Kodaj – International Sales Manager (Rosemont), Kenneth Chan, Senior Vice President (Jacobson), Celine Cheng, Ph.D., Chief Compliance & Technology Officer (Jacobson), Justin Park, MBA, Senior Business Development Director (Jacobson) and Mark Vallance – Head of International Sales (Rosemont).

Through this partnership, Jacobson Pharma will exclusively license, supply and distribute a range of Rosemont products in the Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area (GBA) in mainland China. The range includes oral liquid medicines to support patients with swallowing difficulties, and the healthcare professionals who care for them.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals’ Head of International Sales, Mark Vallance, said, “Here at Rosemont we are committed to expanding the distribution of our patient-focused products to new countries and regions across the world. This new partnership with Jacobson Pharma is incredibly important and exciting for us, and whose market leading position will enable more patients with swallowing difficulties to access our liquid medicines in Hong Kong, and across the broader Asian region”.

Jacobson’s Senior Business Development Director, Justin Park said, “Today marks a significant milestone for Jacobson Pharma and Rosemont. This partnership not only solidifies our presence in new markets but also promises to enhance healthcare outcomes in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area in mainland China. We are excited about the potential of these in-licensed products and their positive impact on our business and, more importantly, on our customers.

Rosemont look forward to working closely together with Jacobson Pharma to ensure the success of this strategic partnership.



ROS000066-002 December 2023