Liquid Medicine Manufacturer

Manufacturing liquid medicines for patients with swallowing difficulties and dysphagia

Rosemont have over 50 years dedicated experience in developing oral liquid medicines, across a range of therapeutic categories. At Rosemont our mission is to be a rapid developer, reliable manufacturer and global supplier of novel-delivery, patient-focused medicines.

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Patient groups such as the elderly, stroke and dementia patients as well as people with intellectual disabilities have higher prevalence rates of dysphagia. The medicines management of these patients requires additional care and consideration.

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Liquid Medicine

Liquid Medicines

Medication in a liquid format can be of clinical benefit to those who suffer from swallowing difficulties or dysphagia. The format is often more palatable and easier to swallow therefore aiding compliance to medication regimes to improve clinical outcomes.

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Can't Swallow Pills/Tablets


Rosemont are specialist manufacturers of liquid medicines. We have an extensive portfolio of oral liquid medication across a range of therapy areas.

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Rosemont are dedicated to developing and sharing knowledge about the safe and effective medicines management of patients with swallowing difficulties. We provide educational materials and product support to assist healthcare professionals.

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