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How we’re helping the environment at Rosemont

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals - Environment woodland

We’re committed to being environmentally friendly across all areas of our business. We’ve pledged always to follow environmental management practices, meet requirements and prevent pollution.

All of our employees work hard to ensure we’re always meeting the Rosemont Environmental Performance Standards. We’re also constantly looking for ways that we can do even better.

We’re committed to conserving energy and materials, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of our activities and operations. We’ve pledged to minimise our energy and water consumption to improve the efficient use of all valuable resources. Plus, we manage all wastes generated from our business operations, combining reducing, recycling and reusing any waste in accordance with sound management.

Measures have been introduced for source reduction and elimination. This includes environmentally sound design and development, material substitution, process, product or technology changes, as well as efficient use and conservation of energy and material resources.

We will ensure that any new plant and equipment purchased meets the required environmental standards. Environmental aspects and impacts of new equipment and/or processes will also be determined and evaluated.

Any new substances introduced will be overseen by the EHS Department to ensure all legal requirements have been met.

Our environment is constantly changing, so we need to be resilient and have the capacity to learn, respond, adapt and anticipate. This means that as we grow, we can stay sustainable.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities as far as possible. We’ll also help stakeholders and customers to improve too.

Howard Taylor, our CEO said, “We will better serve our community and simultaneously define and deliver strategies that maximise business performance while effectively managing change and finding sustainable solutions to the challenges presented by an ever-changing business world.”

Find out more about our core values: Core Values and Our Commitment.

ROS000009-010 DOP April 2023