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Rosemont Pharmaceuticals unveils plans to expand in the USA


The UK based liquids specialist, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals (Rosemont) has announced it is on the lookout for merger and acquisition (M & A) opportunities in the USA as part of a drive to expand the business internationally.

The company already provides lifesaving pharmaceuticals to the UK and overseas markets but its chief executive, Howard Taylor, has now made public his plans to drive the business forward – particularly in North American markets including Canada. France and Germany have also been highlighted as attractive propositions.

Rosemont was acquired by the private equity firm Inflexion in 2020 and has increasingly been looking to expand outside of the UK and into other markets since then. Different international regulatory strategies will give the business the opportunity to provide more offerings from the company’s portfolio of 130 oral liquid medicines.

Mr Taylor said the acquisition by Inflexion had provided a very supportive backer for the business and which had allowed it to further invest in developing the liquid medicines portfolio but also move beyond that. The annual turnover now stands at $140m.

He said: “Until now we’ve been seen as a UK centred business but look ahead four or five years and you’ll see we will have a much more global footprint. Europe will still be our main market but our move and our growth trajectory towards international expansion has been a conscious decision.”

He said moving forward involved partnering more with CDMOs (contract development and manufacturing organisations) and buying in technologies to advance the development, licensing, production and commercial sales of its products.

“While the majority of our effort is still around our core business, our own development pipeline and our current partnerships, M and A is a definite strategy. We want to move into new areas, work with the US Food and Drug Administration and ultimately benefit more patients with dysphagia and swallowing difficulties.”



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