Pocket Reference Guide User Manual

This is the manual for version 1.1 of Pocket Reference Guide.

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The Pocket Reference Guide is designed to be only an aid to professional medical judgement. The Pocket Reference Guide must always be used in conjunction with the appropriate medical training, and reference to protocols and clinical pathways. The Pocket Reference Guide should never replace professional clinical observation, diagnosis, prescription or management and any output that the Pocket Reference Guide produces must be checked by the user. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the Pocket Reference Guide. However, the authors and copyright holders accept no responsibility for any adverse events including protocol errors, data errors, calculation errors, loss of data or any other errors associated with its use. Users of the Pocket Reference Guide will not hold the authors or copyright holders of Pocket Reference Guide liable for any adverse events due to its use. Pocket Reference Guide is, to the extent permitted by law, provided on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, express or implied. Use of the Pocket Reference Guide is permitted only on acceptance of these terms, restrictions, guidance and conditions and is at the risk of the user.

The Pocket Reference Guide is a product of Rosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It is regulated in the UK by the MHRA.

Pocket Reference Guide is copyright © 2013 Rosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced in whole or part without the express permission of the copyright holder.


The Product Reference Guide provides up-to-date information on our product range for both licenced and specials medicines. It is also a free clinical tool for calculating the correct dosages for our medicines for both adults and children. It is designed for use by healthcare professionals and runs on iPhone®, iPod touch®, Android and Blackberry devices.


Find product by:
Keyword Search

The keyword search function allows you to search the App by product name, indication and category. As you start to type, a list of products, indications and categories will be displayed and the options filtered as you type more letters into the search filed.

Or search by:

Displays a full list of products displayed alphabetically. Selecting a product will reveal product detail.

The product strength is displayed at the top of the screen and you can scroll between different strengths using the left and right arrows

For specials products the ‘Certificate of Analysis’ button will open the certificate in a new screen

For licensed products the ‘Summary of Product Characteristics’ will open a new window with the SPC on the Electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC)

The ‘Report Adverse Event’ button will display details of how to report suspected adverse events.

The ‘Dosage Calculator’ button will display the dosage calculator. See below for more information.


Displays a list of categories into which our products are grouped. Clicking on a category will display the products within it and clicking on the product name will display the product detail described above.


Displays an alphabetical list of indications our products are associated with. Clicking on an indication will display the products associated with it. Clicking on the product name will display the product detail described above.


If you have selected the calculator from the button on the product detail page the calculator will be pre-filled with the product information. If you select the calculator from the main toolbar, none of the values will be pre-filled. Each time you start the App, by default, the calculator will be set to measure adult doses in milligrams.

Select ‘Choose product’ to display the alphabetical list of products and select a product.

Select ‘Choose strength’ to display the different strengths of product and select the correct one.

Select ‘Dosage in milligrams/micrograms’ to select the way in which to measure the dose.

By default the calculator is set to measure dosages for adults. ‘Weight’ and ‘Age’ options are only enabled when ‘Child’ is selected.

Select ‘Child’ and the ‘Weight’ and ‘Age’ options become active. By default, when ‘Child’ is selected, ‘Age’ is also selected. Select the ‘Weight’ option to measure by weight rather than age.

Changing the Adult/Child/Weight/Age options will activate the calculator keyboard as will entering information into the Age/Weight and Dosage fields.

Enter the information required to perform the calculation and select the ‘Enter’ button. The keypad will disappear the ‘Patient needs’ calculation will be automatically displayed.

How has the Pocket Reference Guide been tested

The app has been tested using an unblinded randomised controlled trial performed at the School of Pharmacy within the UEA. The evidence provided by this study demonstrates that the program is at least as good as using a calculator.

Although the app has been thoroughly tested the results should only be used as an aid for interpretation by a relevant healthcare professional.