Download the Rosemont Pocket Reference Guide Dosage Calculator

Pocket Reference Guide Dosage Calculator.

Now for the first time a complete reference guide for the healthcare professional to all Rosemont liquid medicines available wherever you are including a unique liquid medicine dosage calculator.

You can download this free app now from:

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CE MarkThe Rosemont app has undergone independent testing and has received regulatory approval by the competent authority and we declare that this product conforms to the relevant requirements of the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC.

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Product Search

Typing in a keyword search e.g. 'epilepsy' will reveal products which are indicated for use in that disease area. Alternatively if you already know the product, the 'search by name' function will take you to an alphabetical listing of all Rosemont liquids. A 'category search' shows all liquids in the relevant BNF listing or you can find a liquid by a specific 'medical indication'.Home screen


Product Information

All products are listed by individual strength along with a breakdown of the product profile.The Rosemont app also provides linked access to the current 'Summary of Product Characteristics' (SPC) for all licensed products and the most recent 'Certificate of Analysis' (CofA) for all the specials liquids. Note: SPC’s and CofA’s require internet access. Search screen


Calculate Dosages

Not sure of the correct volume dose for your patient? Whatever the patient's age or weight, even for paediatric dosages, the new Rosemont app can help you calculate an accurate dose titration. In addition to this functionality you also have the option of calculating dosages in milligrams or micrograms depending on the strength of the prescribed liquid.Calculator screen

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