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Life after the Olympics

22nd October 2012


Hello again Rosemont gang!


So, all the hype of the Olympics has kind of died down now so I thought it was about time that I wrote another blog! After the Games I had about a month off, where I went on a lovely holiday, spent some time with my friends and family and went to Our Greatest Team Parade in London. The parade really was fantastic and I was astounded by how many people were lining the streets to see it. It felt great to have so much support from the British public. It was also great to have my mum and dad there showing their support, and my mum managed to run along with the float for a bit, waving her Union Jack all the way. The diving team were on a float with the Olympic and Paralympic equestrian teams, so we had a fair few medals on there!


As soon as I returned to Leeds from London I was ready to start back at training again. It has been great to get back into the training in a much more relaxed environment than it had been in the build up to the Games! It's back to basics in terms of training at the moment; I'm doing a lot of fitness work to get fit and strong again after my holiday, and a lot of basic technique work in the pool. I've also begun a new(ish) synchro venture on platform (10m) with my fellow Leeds based diver Jenny Cowen. We did a little synchro together in 2011 but stopped so that I could focus on my springboard events for London, but we are now working on it again for the coming season.


Other than getting back into training these past couple of weeks I also attended Rosemont's Sales Conference. It was great to meet some of the Rosemont sales teams, and I really enjoyed mucking in on the company’s community project at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. We did some great digging to create an area of wetland and stop the farm from flooding - which I was pleased to hear seems to have worked with no flooding of the farm during last week's terrible rain. So well done everyone who was there!


Coming up next month I have a competition in Luton, where I will be competing for the City of Leeds Diving Club. I always like going away with the club, as it tends to be a little more relaxed than when we go away as the GB team!


Until next time...






















 Rebecca Gallantree and the Rosemont Sales and Marketing Teams at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm


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