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Children’s medicines guide

16th September 2010

Children’s medicines have been increasingly in the spotlight and a new guide from Rosemont is designed to help parents and carers understand more about helping children to take their medicine.

Called “Simple steps that make children’s medicines easier to swallow”, the leaflet answers many commonly asked questions including practical advice about medication administration and what to do if a child refuses to take their medicine.  As one in ten children seen in primary care is prescribed at least one unlicensed or off-label medication, there is a simple and reassuring explanation about unlicensed and off-label medicines.

Written by Mr Stephen Tomlin, Paediatric Pharmacist Specialist and Dr David Wright Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice,  “Simple steps that make children's medicines easier to swallow” has also had input from the School and Public Health Nurses Association (SAPHNA) who identified a real need to make this type of information readily available for parents and carers. 

You can download your guide here. Alternatively you can also get free supplies of the hardcopy by emailing: infodesk@rosemontpharma.com  or calling: 0113 244 1400.


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