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Medication Management for Patients with Swallowing Difficulties

There have been significant advances in medicine, and this means that people are living longer and healthier lives. Modern medicines are often created as solid medications, the consequence of which is that people with swallowing difficulties are unable to comfortably take the medication they are prescribed – at Rosemont Pharmaceuticals we aim to deliver effective medication management for patients such as these.

Creating Liquid Medicines for Dysphagia and Those Who Can’t Swallow Tablets

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people through the development, manufacture and supply of Liquid Medicine for patients who have difficulty in swallowing solid medications or those who need a precisely measured dose not available in a solid tablet. These medicines are made for a wide range of uses including infections, musculoskeletal and joint disease as well as obstetrics, gynaecology and urinary-tract disorders amongst others.

Crushing Tablets - Putting Patients at Risk

Patients who have difficulty in swallowing will often use their solid medication despite it being unpleasant or painful to take. The need for a comfortable solution to taking medication often leads patients to take measures such as tablet crushing for easier ingestion.

This, unfortunately, can lead to complications which the patient may be unaware of, and potentially an overdose of their medication. Tablets designed to be broken down in the body and absorbed at a certain rate are absorbed much faster when crushed, and this can lead to an elevated level of risk when it comes to potential side-effects. Liquid drugs avoid this risk, by providing an easily ingestible and precisely measurable method of taking medicine.

In addition to a range of over 150 liquid medicines, Rosemont provides a wide variety of resources designed to help healthcare professionals deliver the best possible care for their patients. Resources include information on the symptoms of swallowing difficulties that may be caused by dysphagia and much more.

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